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    Reflective/High Visibility beanies

    Beanies with high visability is important for increased safety in the traffic. At Sätila you can order a reflective beanie that makes you visible in the dark. 

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    Reflector beanie – when you want to be seen in the dark

    When it’s dark outside it is important for you to be seen clearly, for increased safety in traffic. With Sätila you can order a beanie with reflectors which helps you call attention to yourself. During the day, the beanie appears to be completely normal headwear, but in the evening and at night, when it’s dark, the reflective yarn can make you visible to all who pass.

    Reflector beanie for women and men

    When light shines on the reflector beanie the light bounces, making you visible in the dark. A reflector beanie is perfect for when you are out in traffic, for example if you are riding a bicycle or walking, but also even if you are in the woods during hunting season. The reflectors can be seen clearly from far away. Here at Sätila you can order comfortable and warm reflector beanies for both women and men! 

    Material and sizing

    We have light and flexible reflector beanies in a tight fit with coolmax made of merino wool that helps diffuse moisture and helps your body regulate its temperature while exercising. You can also find reflective beanies with fleece lining for extra warmth and comfort when it is cold outside, and reflective beanies made of soft lambswool with discreet patterns. Choose the beanie that matches your style and personality best! Sätila’s reflective beanies come in several sizes, from One Size to S/M and L/XL. 

    Delightful beanies with approved reflectors

    Beanies with reflectors for men and women are available in many different models and colours. Choose one with an exciting pattern or one with only a single, solid colour. With a reflective beanie on your head you will draw attention to yourself, both because the reflectors are so visible but also because they are stylish and attractive!

    Beanies with functionality, style, and comfort

    Sätila has made beanies since 1896, when the factory was founded, giving us both knowledge and experience. You can find high-quality beanies and other durable, knitted fashion accessories with us. Shop safe and secure online. Welcome!

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