Our history

Here you can see parts of the staff in the 50's.

Nilssons trikåfabrik

The business continued on a fairly small scale until 1943 when Johannes son Kjell Grebelius took over. Around the 1950’s, the factory got its official name, Nilssons Trikåfabrik, named after Johannes Nilsson. During this period, a few years after the end of World War II, the opportunities to buy machines and machine parts became easier and they could import them from Germany. It was bought and transported from Fjärås to Sätila across the lake Lygnern by steamboat. The village road was served by horse and carriage from Lygnevi (Lygnern's eastern shore, where the boat landed) to Grebbeshult with the goods.

The first beanies

With new machines in the factory, it was possible to offer other types of products, which gave the factory a big lift and development. Beanies, mittens, socks and sweaters started to be made. The company gradually grew. From the end of the 1960’s, only beanies were knitted in the factory.

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