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Sätila´s beanies are crafted with unique expertise and high degree of consciousness and quality. We have unique knowledge and over a decade of experience. From our collection we can guarantee that you will find a beanie that fits your request.

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A beanie for all occasions!

Allow us to introduce Sätila’s broad range of beanies! Whether you are looking for a ladies’ beanie or a men’s beanie, we have many elegant models here. The common factor in all these beanies is quality and timeless design. A fine beanie from Sätila can be used in winter when it is cold outside or as a stylish extra touch to jeans and a t-shirt.

Trendy beanies with timeless designs

Within the beanie category you will find stylish headwear that will keep you warm in the cold weather. Beanies with balls in soft pastel colours and cheerful patterns invigorate those long winter days. You might opt for a beanie in muted black or grey for a more discreet winter beanie, as well as an accessory that works alongside colourful winter clothing outfits.

Beanies to keep the entire family warm!

Some examples of Sätila’s broad beanie range include knitted beanies, beanies with timeless and innovative patterns, warm woolen winter beanies that will have you looking forward to the cold weather, as well as traditional beanies with a ball.

Long-lasting Beanies for a reduced effect on the environment

When you choose a beanie from Sätilla you choose a beanie that provides warmth as well as one that is durable and resilient. This way both you and the environment win! Our lovely branded beanies also make fine gifts. Perhaps you will choose a beanie for exercising, a beanie for women, a beanie for men, a warm winter beanie made of wool, or a trendy and stylish branded beanie! An attractive beanie, perhaps one of our high hats, can even be worn as an accessory to t-shirts.

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