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    Order a durable and attractive beanie with a ball from Sätila

    If you want a warm and attractive accessory to wear in the winter, you should take a closer look at our knitted beanies with a ball. The beanie with a ball has been a popular model for decades and will certainly continue to be a big favorite for at least several decades more! At Sätila you can choose from a variety of models in varying designs and materials so you can find the beanie that fits your personality and style!

    Beanie with a ball for women and men

    A beanie with a ball creates a playful and eye-catching look and works perfectly for those who want to wear a winter beanie that is warm and trendy. With us at Sätila, you will find beanies with a ball for women and men in both classical single-coloured design, or in an exciting, patterned model that you can match with our other knitted accessories.

    Knitted beanies of mohair and wool

    Are you looking for a thick and sturdy beanie with a fur ball and a foldable edge, or a thinner model with a yarn ball and a built-in forehead band? You can find beanies for both windy autumn days and those really cold winter days. Order a beanie with a fur ball in warm mohair or wool and be sure to keep your head warm in all types of weather.

    Attractive and functional properties

    In addition to giving you an attractive and smart style, our beanie with a ball offers high-quality material with many functional properties. For example, wool is a material that provides insulation, breathability, and can hold in the warmth even when it gets wet. In certain models, mohair grants an extra warm and exclusive feel.

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