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    Our scarves are manufactured in premium quality. Chose from different material, cashmere, lambswool, merinowool or inovative recycled yarn for minimums enviromental impact. Our scarves is avalible in several colours to match your outfit.

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    Warm scarf

    Sätila has designed, developed, and manufactured knitted accessories since 1896. Our products are classic and timeless in their design and complement many different styles and trends. You will find that our scarves are made with high quality and are available in various materials, colours, and sizes.

    Scarves for women and men 

    At Sätila you can choose a warm scarf that will fit both women and men, and that are lovely for wrapping yourself up in comfort! We have thin-knit scarves as well.  Perfect to lay across your shoulders on cool summer nights or to have with you on trips. A scarf is handy and soft and does not take up much room in your bag.

    Durable materials

    Choose a scarf of wool, merino wool, or cashmere. Scarves in wool or merino wool help keep you warm when it is cold outside. Wrap yourself in a scarf when autumn’s chilly winds blow through, when it is snowing, or when the first rays of the sun break through the clouds in spring. A scarf in the softest cashmere works with any style, from a pair of jeans to a party dress or jacket. Much of the material we use in our knitted scarves is organic or recycled yarn. The manufacturing process is sustainable and does not use dangerous chemicals. This is good for you, for animals, and for the environment.

    Scarves in a variety of colours and models

    A lovely scarf helps you keep warm and stay stylish. Large scarves are a favourite of many of our customers. They are warm, comfortable, and can be worn in several different ways. You can choose a thin-knit design for a more elegant appearance. Choose a scarf that complements your style in subtle and nuanced ways. Perhaps a wine-red scarf with a beige jacket, or something pink to wear with a black coat? We have a wide range of scarves in a variety of different colours and models so you can easily find one that matches your style and clothing.

    Find your new scarf at Sätila

    Order a functional, soft, and comfortable scarf from us at Sätila. All of our scarves are made using proven crafting traditions in sustainable and environmentally friendly materials!

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