Our factory

Sätila of Sweden has been producing locally in Sätila since 1896 and the production is still located in the same building as it started in over 127 years ago. Our factory consists a knitting hall, a laundry facility, and a sewing hall, which makes it possible for us to manufacture high-quality products, from design to finished goods, entirely in our factory in Sätila.

Back to the future

During the past few years, we've been investing in our factory. We knit the majority of our collection at our own factory in Sätila and now we are working to bring back a part of the sewing in-house. Sätila has a unique inherited knowledge, which we strive to preserve and develop as we value Swedish production. One of the many advantages of in-house production is having great control over the entire supply chain, ensuring high standards in environmental and social sustainability.

Transparency is important to us, which is why you can find information on where each individual product is knitted and sewn on its respective product page on our website.

The knitting facility is in constant development

The majority of our production is knitted in-house in Sätila on our 18 knitting machines. The latest machine arrived in March 2022, which was one of several important investments made. We have machines with different characteristics to be able to manufacture different types of products.

Lisbeth, Mari, Maria and Janne works in our knitting room. All of them with a lot of knowledge in handling the knitting machines and with several years of experience in knitting premium products.

Our laundry facility

In 2022, we also invested in a laundry facility, which was a key factor in bringing the production in-house. Most of our products is washed with organic detergent before the sewing process. This ensures that you can use the product directly after the purchase without worrying about chemicals being in close contact with your skin.

All our products made from lamb's wool, RWS merino wool, Norwegian wool, cotton, mohair, and some of our material blends are washed before sewing.

The sewing hall from the 70's is back in operation

During the 1970's and 80's, the sewing was relocated from the factory in Sätila and for many years only samples were sewn in-house. The sewing hall has now been updated, and in 2022, we have both hired more seamstresses and invested in new sewing machines to expand our production capabilities in Sätila. Currently, we have around twenty sewing machines, including straight-stitch machines, overlock machines, and a specially built labeling machine.

In our sewing hall, we have Ann-Christin, Jem, Mari, Natalia, Olha, and Mariia. Each of them with the right craftsmanship skills and an incredible eye for details, which ensures that our products achieve an outstanding level of quality in the end result.

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